Recording studio services in Southampton

Sound on Sound is open 7-days a week, welcoming local musicians, singers and voiceover artists.

Music Equipment

Got some tracks you would like to record?

Here at Sound on Sound we invite you to come and record in our modern studio in Southampton. Our spacious, air-conditioned recording studio is the ideal professional setting for which to record your next demo. Whether you are recording a demo, or a voice-over for an advert, our studio is the perfect place.


We are also able to use vocal effects should you want them. We provide a wide range of quality equipment, which we keep regularly updated. Take a look at below to see our extensive range.


Our recording studio services include:

Man Playing Guitar

Fantastic facilities

Tube Microphone in Studio



  • Apple Mac Pro G5 2.8 Ghz with Pro Tools and Logic

  • Apogee converters with Big Ben

  • Studer and Ampex analogue tape recorders



  • Mackie HR824 mastering quality studio monitors

  • Auratones

  • Yamaha NS-10M


4 Stereo SSL, 4 Neve and 3 UREI



  • API, Beatles RED 7's, Neve and Telefunken

•  Half day recording studio hire £80
•  Full day recording studio hire £150
•  Assistance with all aspects of song production
•  Specialist studio live recording and voice-over

We provide the best instruments and microphones for your session:

  • Yamaha synths

  • Fender and Hartke amplifiers

  • Range of microphones including Sony C48, Georg Neumann and Shure

  • Lexicon effects and Antares vocal tuner


Please note; we do not allow the recording of any lyrics featuring foul or obscene language in our studio.


Opening hours for Sound on Sound

Mon - Sun: 8am - 10pm


Contact Us

148 Rownhams Ln, North Baddesley, Southampton SO52 9LT, UK

023 8073 3903

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We also sell a range of used equipment

Sound on Sound also has a wide range of musical equipment available for sale. If you need some musical equipment, it is always worth giving us a call to see what we have available.